Location as a Service

We are building low cost, high capacity RTLS platform for warehousing and manufacturing operations. We promote a transparent subscription based pricing model, starting from a low-cost “Maker” plan all the way to an all-inclusive “Enterprise” plan. Our mission is to sell Location Intelligence as a service…



Because we identified a real problem. There is a need for an end-to-end platform that would provide precise and affordable asset location intelligence at indoor environments. We now know that such a platform will significantly increase the productivity and save money to organizations in a wide range of industries and markets.



We are building a Real Time Locating System (RTLS). This is a platform that allows for high-precision localization of assets by attaching specialized Radio Frequency tags to them and having remote devices (“Anchors”) acquire their transmissions and locate them. The location information is then fed by the Anchors to a cloud software infrastructure that provides visualization, control, alerts, reports and analytics



In the not so distant future, assets that are now tagged with a Barcode or RFID label will be tagged with an Active Radio Frequency label that will not only identify the asset but will also allow for its precise localization, in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Think GPS, but indoors. We would like to build this vision by building disruptive hardware and software platforms

A Real Time Locating System
That Works For You

The always@t Real Time Locating System (RTLS) utilizes advanced radio frequency technology to locate thousands of assets with sub-meter accuracy in real-time. Our cloud-based software suite turns the location information into Location Intelligence that significantly improves the visibility, usability and transparency of your assets

Server-less Platform

No onsite server installation and no onsite maintenance! Our entire application stack is in the cloud. Maintenance is on us !


High Accuracy Localization

Get the most precise localization (10cm-1m) with Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio Frequency (UWB-IR) technology


End-to-End Solution

We are designing the hardware, the software and providing the service. No need for multi-vendor integrations and support

Location Intelligence

Instrumentation of your assets' location data for actionable automation is a game-changing capability. We'e building a Rule-Engine for automated actions such as alerts and messaging, an Analytics-Engine for time-series analysis of your recorded data and a comprehensive Reports-Engine.

Automated Surveying

One of the barriers to deployment of RTLS technology is the need to survey your facility to identify the locations of the Anchors and for mapping your floor-plan for asset location visualization. We are creating tools to simplify and automate this process such that your IT experts can independently install our system

Affordable Hardware

A necessary pre-requisite to the wide deployment of Real Time Locating Systems is the affordability of the hardware tags. A major part of our plan centers on the design and manufacturing of low-cost hardware. We expect to offer our customers a 10x reduction in the cost of hardware


Technology Overview

Techniques for ranging radio beacons have been around for some time. So have the Geometrical methods for locating objects in space based on the ranging measurements. These are the foundations upon which platforms such as GNSS have been built


Full RTLS Software Stack

The first software layer in the platform is the embedded firmware within the Tag and Anchor devices. The firmware controls the low level functionality of the hardware devices. The second layer deals with asset classification and floor-planning of the facility. The third layer is responsible for the Machine Learning and Rule Engines. Finally, the fourth layer provides the analytics and integration with 3rd party systems.


Device Independence

Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone

Our “Cloud” platform using the SaaS model gives us a lot of flexibility in deploying our applications. You will get full visibility and control from your desktop browser or  android device.


We are an early stage startup, and our product is in its early design stages. We plan to have a demo ready to present to select customers in July 2020. Pilot programs will start several months later

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Every RTLS technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a highly popular standardized wireless transmission protocol. Its biggest advantage is its ubiquity with many products available in the market with continuously lower prices. However it was not purpose built for RTLS and suffers from tag-density, location accuracy and battery life limitations.

Wifi RTLS is the oldest RTLS technology and like BLE enjoys extremely high popularity in the marketplace. Tags in this technology suffer from short battery life and the system is limited in tag density and location accuracy.

UWB is the least ubiquitous solution in the market but provides the highest accuracy, longest battery life, and highest tag density among these technologies.