Location as a Service

We are building an end-to-end “Pay-As-You-Go” RTLS platform with a transparent subscription model, starting from a low-cost “Maker” plan all the way to an all-inclusive “Enterprise” plan. Our mission is to provide Location Intelligence as a service.


As consumers of SaaS applications, we are well aware of the benefits of a transparent pricing model without the need to click “Request Quote” buttons, fill online forms, wait for a responses and conduct lengthy price negotiations. We expect this level of simplicity and price transparency from our vendors and we wish to stand up to the same standards as vendors.

Hardware and Software alone are not a service. However, a complete RTLS solution including hardware, software, training and support is a valuable service. As such we wish to remove all barriers to initial evaluation and deployment: high cost, complex installation, software maintenance and training. We will achieve this with:

  • a wide array of pricing options, starting with our low-cost “Maker” plan
  • an automated surveying application to map your facility
  • easy installation by any IT professional
  • No costly on-site server. No costly software maintenance

Whether you are working for a small business or a large conglomerate enterprise we are preparing to present a valuable product to you. And we promise to remove all barriers on the road to evaluating our technology